About 4Backwoods

4backwoods came about as the natural progression of a very successful financial career. I see so many young people today who are good at making money, but not at growing it. I feel like I could contribute to solving this problem by teaching people how to direct their money.

The financial world is constantly evolving. There are new avenues of interest and opportunities to invest everywhere, and my goal here is to help you understand them. With the proper knowledge, you’ll hopefully be able to grow your wealth just like I did!

About me

Hey folks! Carrie Longden here! I’m the mind and heart behind 4backwoods. If you’re wondering how I manage to have all this free time to regularly blog about finance, well, it’s because I’m retired and wealthy! Wondering how I got to this place in life?

Well, it was a combination of constant effort, smart hustling, and making the most of each opportunity! And now I’m in a place where I want to leave my legacy of financial wisdom for others to build on. So I hope you have a great time reading my blog!